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As a project development and investment company, we have specialised in proposing and implementing infrastructure projects

in the fields of raw materials, energies, environmental technologies

and human resources. We would be happy to provide you with information about of profitable investment opportunities


The project idea is at the beginning. We assist you in shaping and developing it, look for suitable ways and forms to implement it and assess whether it is ecomomically sound.


Besides a transparent and seamless flow of information, objective consulting is equally important to us. We adress all issues concerning worldwide projects and investments.


Please contact us, we will be happy to provide you with personal and comprehensive advice.


Due to our good relationships with investors, banks, lawyers and cross-sector businesses we are in the position to safeguard an exchange of quality information. At the same time, we are able to keep you updated on the current developments in the markets.


Get on the road to success. We will be happy to take on your project ideas from the development to the implementation. Our experienced and internationally-mindset team is devided into the practice areas of corporate finance, project finance and structured finance. We deliver our services seamlessly and guarantee an efficient implementation of you projects.

We drive

the most effective investment

performance around

the world for

every client, in every market.
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