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Human Resources

We provide placement services, particularly since as a staff services provider we possess in-depth knowledge of the German job market and of the job markets of many European neighbouring states. We offer comprehensive services during the search of a new career. Please feel free to learn more here or simply speak directly to us.

Placement Services and Training Academy

In all aspects of job placement we provide you with comprehensive services. We provide you with continued and practical support on your way back into work life – no matter if you are still in the early stages of your career, if you want to face new professional challenges or if you want to return to work after a considerable gap. Through our network we can serve all industries. Mothers and homemakers, who wish to return to work after a gap of several years, are usually more difficult to place and are traditionally uncared-for by conventional job placement, as are persons with migration background. However, this situation can be changed. Our training academy offers seminars on integration and coaching for job applicants. In addition to this, we assist you with the preparation and revision of your application documents and point out what matters. Our academy offers courses for job seekers and business start-ups* in state-of-the-art equipped rooms.


We cooperate with the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the German Jobcenters. Government support for job seekers ends somewhere, and this is exactly where we come in. Our services are available to anybody, with or without education voucher**. Learn more about our current job offers – we are happy to advise you.


Wolfgang Funk is a graduate economist and managing director of the CaymanBrack Bildungsakademie GmbH in Düsseldorf.

Business Start-ups*

After detailed advice, you have decided to start your own business? We will provide you with competent and hands-on support for this exciting venture. We will be happy to assist you in drafting sophisticated business plans to get started. We will be at your service in filing allowances for the promotion of new businesses from redundancies with the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). We will be glad to advise you personally on the chances and opportunities of a successful business start-up.

Education Voucher**

Advanced professional training of employed persons and of persons registered as unemployed may be sponsored by the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). Apart from the cost of training, the package includes the cost of transport, the cost of catering and, if necessary, also the cost of childcare. Certain requirements must be met to be entitled to an education voucher. Advanced professional training must be necessary, so as to avoid threatening redundancies or to allow occupational integration after a period of unemployment. Besides, people may gain missed professional qualifications in adult education. The applicants must usually demonstrate a professional track record of three years or completed vocational training. The beginning of advanced professional training is subject to the prior consultation of the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). Persons who receive advanced professional training and who meet certain personal criteria may be eligible for aid under the relevant provisions of the German social security laws (Sozialgesetzbuch III). We look forward to discussing this with you on an individual basis and help you to take all further steps.

CaymanBrack Bildungsakademie GmbH

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