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CaymanBrack works with governments, companies and company founder to develop complex challenges on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute more than money. Their engagement, creativity, spirit and more are helping build particularly promising projects.


United Kingdom:

CaymanBrack Limited



CaymanBrack Corporate Services Limited



​CaymanBrack Limited

CaymanBrack Bildungsakademie GmbH


​EuroNova Asset Management Pte. Limited


CBL is a parent company, that holds the majority of the voting stocks in CaymanBrack Capital Group Plc. In addition, the company is controlling shareholder-managing director of the Plc.

CBCS offers an entire photovoltaic power station development package, right from project inception, feasibility studies, strategic planning, design and construction, through to plant operation and maintenance.

CBL in Duesseldorf is the european administrative center from where we support our clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our German and English speaking staff is willing to help you with any inquiries.

CBB training academy offers seminars on integration, coaching for job seekers and business start-ups in state-of-the-art equipped rooms. CBB job adviser cooperate with the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and the German Jobcenters.

ENAM is our portal to Asia and the international shipping industry. The company serves the interests of a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry and promotes the competitiveness of Singapore as an International Maritime Center. ENAM co-operates with regional and international marine engineers to protect the marine environment and promote freedom and safety at sea.

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